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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Adesuwa Ojumola (Blue Spa)

Our story this week reflects the fact that everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit; it only needs to be awakened. It was a eureka moment when Adesuwa suddenly realized that most of the business ideas she helped people to refine always materializes into big business. So she decided to resign from her paid employment to start her own business. Hinging on her innate creative ability, she applied to a technical school where she acquired practical knowledge in manufacturing of body and Spa treatment creams, liquids soaps and perfumes. In 2011 Adesuwa started running her business. She began with 2 staff and her home doubled as her factory. She registered her company - Blue Spa in 2012 after winning a grant from the Federal government Youwin competition for entrepreneurs. Today, Blue Spa employs 9 staff and engages several contract staff as the need arise. She also supplies her products to the major Spas across Nigeria.


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  • Enterprise Stories - Adesuwa Ojumola (Blue Spa)