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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Debo Thomas (Hastom Global Services Limited)

In recent episodes of enterprise stories, we have featured interesting entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector. This week we feature another story in the sector; a young man who transformed his real estate business into an agric business. Debo Thomas, the CEO of Hastom Global Services Limited, never took up a paid employment after leaving school, rather he ventured into several businesses, particularly in the information technology space. In 2010 he started a real estate business in Ogbomosho Osun State where, over time, he found competition very stiff and even considered shutting down. One day he came across a quote that inspired him: ‘the more the risk the more the reward’. This prompted the innovation of focusing on agricultural real estate. Today, with 11 full time staff, Debo has sold over 1000 hectares of land, and has been helping his clients set up and manage the farms.


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