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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Yinka Okeowo (Magna Events)

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature a lady with an amiable personality who leveraged on her God-given talents, natural skills and flair for organizing things to startup a business 5years ago. As a child, Yinka Okeowo found joy in taking care of others, she loved entertaining guests and organizing the home. These natural values would later be very useful to her. After her Master’s degree in the UK in 2009 she moved back to Nigeria and served with a multinational in Lagos, when her service year ended, she was back searching for a job. During this period, Yinka kept herself busy with organizing free events for close family and friends; this gave her the confidence to launch Magna events. In just a few years, Magna Events has successfully organized more than 300 events for large companies and high profile individuals in Nigeria and internationally. Magna has built a strong team that has brought a new flavour to the events management business.


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  • Enterprise Stories - Yinka Okeowo (Magna Events)