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Enterprise Stories - Tenidade Eboda

This week on enterprise stories, Tenidade Eboda will share her story on how she successfully started a business in Event Safety Management despite being a founder and partner in a law firm. In 2002, Tenidade was called to bar and soon started her law firm. Although the firm was doing well, Teni nonetheless found herself drawn to the management of safety in events. Her interest in safety had started early in life as a result of the many scars and injuries she sustained growing up. She understood very quickly that accidents happen as a result of not placing things in proper places, and soon became an advocate for safety in events. In 2006, she registered Events Basics Limited and not long afterwards was partnering with the State government on safety management. Today, her events safety management business has earned her a seat on several boards and a consultancy with Lagos State Safety Commission on Event Safety Management. Tune in to Enterprise Stories on Inspiration 92.3 FM or log on to edcradioonline.com tomorrow at 3:00pm and listen to Mrs Tenidade Eboda share her experience advocating for safety at all events.


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