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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Lily Aninyei (The Greenroom)

This week on Enterprise stories we feature the story of a young lady who turned an opportunity to help out a friend into a hospitality business. In 2009, Lily was working in a beverage logistics company but wanted to do more with herself, she had a conversation with a friend who was planning an entertainment event with some popular artistes. Lily was asked to come to the venue and see what she could do, she decided to take some drinks and ice along to sell in case they could not find anything for her to do, Lily ended up satisfying all the artistes and they all soon started asking her to come to their events, this was the birth of the Greenroom. Today, Lily travels all over Africa providing services to top rated artistes and have become a full concierge business.


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  • Enterprise Stories - Lily Aninyei (The Greenroom)