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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Adeloye Olanrewaju

This week on enterprise stories, we feature the story of a young Medical Physiologist who found himself in the social space having witnessed the agony of a mother whose child suffered from polio. Adeloye Olanrewaju served as an intern in his 3rd level at the University at a basic primary health Centre, Nigeria which served over 12,000 pregnant moms and newborns weekly and in the first week on his internship, he recorded lots of maternal and infant mortality at the Centre and this re-confirmed his decision to play in the social space. After his graduation in 2014, Lanre decided to register his foundation, Safer Mom in 2015 where his mission is to increase access to healthcare for new and expectant mothers via SMS, voice technology and mobile apps. His foundation provides real time patient engagement solutions for key care providers to improve health care delivery to mothers. Today Lanre has 3 people working for him and has reached over 7,000 women with the Safermom solution. He has travelled far and wide and in his quest to educate and canvas for more health care awareness for pregnant mothers and their children. Lanre is one of the “Queens Young Leaders” hosted by the queen of England recently at Buckingham Palace.


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