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Enterprise Stories - Mr&Mrs Owoeye (Venue Compass)

One of the most important aspects of planning an event is getting a venue for the event and this just got easier. On Enterprise Stories this week, we feature the amazing story of Mr. & Mrs. Owoeye who run an online events center booking company called Venue Compass. They first had the idea of setting up Venue Compass 5yrs ago when they were planning their wedding. They both resided in Lagos but the wedding was to take place in Ondo state. They were able to get everything they needed for the wedding here in Lagos except the venue. This meant that they had to take time off work and travel all the way to Akure to look around for venues. According to Mrs. Owoeye, that was some unnecessary investment of time, energy and resources. Knowing that this was a gap that needed to be filled, after the wedding, they went on to gather information about the technical and operational aspects of setting up an online business, fast forward a few years later, Venue Compass was launched. Venue Compass provides users the convenience of searching and booking venues for their events from the comfort of their homes. As at today, over 1,000 event centers across several cities in Nigeria are registered on venuecompass.com. Join us this Tuesday at 3pm on Inspiration 92.3 FM or log on to edcradioonline.com to listen to the inspiring story of the entrepreneurial couple.


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