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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Adekunbi Fashakin

This week on Enterprise Stories, we feature another exciting story of a young lady who left her oil & gas job for make-up artistry. In 2006, while Adekunbi Fashakin was getting ready for her final year, she got an opportunity to intern in one of the big oil &and gas companies in Nigeria - a prospect to build a career in the sector, she hoped. During this period, she had her “side hustle” which was a make-up business. Surprisingly, upon completion of her internship program, Kunbi decided to start an online retail business for clothes, shoes and accessories. This probably must have got many thinking that she lacked focus. In 2009, Kunbi’s online business collapsed due to inadequate financial capability and entrepreneurial knowledge. Rather than brew over this collapse, Kunbi remained undaunted, picked up her brushes and re-kindled her passion for make-up which she had been offering mostly as a hobby to brides and magazines.

This is live show scheduled for Fri Apr 07 2017 15:00:00