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Enterprise Stories - Afua Osei

This week on enterprise stories we feature Afua Osei, a young energetic lady. Afua Osei is the co-founder of She Leads Africa (SLA) - a community that helps young African women achieves their professional dreams. While in business school, Afua had come up with a new venture idea to create a platform to help young African women with their careers. She imagined a place where all kinds of smart and ambitious young women could come to learn and connect around cool new projects. So when she moved to Nigeria in 2012 to serve as a business and operations consultant at McKinsey & Company, advising large corporations and multinationals across Africa, she met a colleague who was also very interested in inspiring young African women and this is how the fusion of the ideas between these two women gave birth to She Leads Africa. Today, SLA has impacted hundreds of young women and Afua and her partner have since been named by Forbes Africa as two of the youngest power women in Africa (2014). Afua was also named by Ventures Africa as one of the top 25 African innovators to watch (2016).


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