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The Economy & You

The Economy&You - Baba Ikazoboh

A productive workforce of a nation brings about economic growth. Manpower development involves investment in education, training and the presence of other social services that impacts the capacity of the workforce. In Nigeria, a clear strategy for the development of manpower to propel the nation’s economy remains elusive. Nigeria currently ranks 152 out of 188 in the Human Development index, and this data mirror the state of human development indicators like health, education and the standard of living. It is noteworthy that without proper investment in education and training, Nigeria’s ranking will remain low. Manpower development has remained challenged for several reasons; education at the tertiary level and vocational training are top issues. With 10.4% unemployment rate and 50% youth unemployment rate and 300,000 young graduates joining the labour force yearly, it becomes critical to find solutions that can build proper manpower to grow the Nigerian economy.


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