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The Economy & You

The Economy and You ( Patience Otrofanowei )

Thu 1st Jun 2017

Transportation is a critical factor in the economic growth and development of a nation. It is an essential part of human and commercial activities and a wealth creating industry on its own. Inadequate transportation limits a nation’s ability to utilise its natural resources, distribute food and other finished goods and integrate with other infrastructural facilities. There is the need therefore to maintain and improve the existing transportation and build new infrastructures for a national wealth. This is even more so in a global economy where economic opportunities have been increasingly related to the mobility of people, goods and information. Apart from the fact that a well-coordinated and integrated transport system is an enabler for movement of goods and services, it is also a critical infrastructure needed to complement and support government programs and activities. Join us in this episode of “The Economy and You” as we bring you Mrs. Patience Anne Otrofanowei, the Managing Director of Swift Rental Cars Ltd.


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